ATAC since 2000

engineering- consultancy- constrıction- mining- trading

101 projects From our establishment to today
1580 km highway/railway projects
110 tunnel projects
225 bridge projects
22 landslide remedation projcets

Good Project

Requires Good Geography Knowledge

ATAC Engineering, Consultancy, Construction, Mining Industry and Trading Limited Company was founded in July-2000. Our Company offers design services for,

  • highways, railways,tunnels,
  • waste water projects as well as potable water,
  • similar infrastructure projects complete with their/and surveys and soil investigation services.

Additionally, our company provide consultancy services with its broad and experienced staff in the fields of:

  • project management, preparation of tenders, quoting,
  • preparation of feasibifity studies
  • preparation of final / interim accounts and issuance of related final and provisional progress reports.

Our company has gained a young and dynamic character by employing the best competent personnel in their fields, in the best possible way and with correct strategies and reffects this aspect to the projects. We generate special solution by supporting the aforementioned engineering services with professional softwares and solutions prepared by us.

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